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Forget the Middleman
– Go Direct!

Take charge, transform and engage your customers and your business by cutting out the middleman!

Learn from the experts on how you can transform your business. There’s no need anymore to rely exclusively on retail store distribution. For the first time ever, you will learn the benefits and realize the profit opportunities of communicating with the consumer or your customers and having a relationship directly with them.

We can show you the reasons why so many companies are choosing to Go Direct.

Unlike retail marketing, when you Go Direct you will no longer be at the mercy of store “buyers” or “merchandisers”. The future of your business will no longer be controlled by your ability or inability to secure and negotiate optimal retail shelf placement or be subject to store location limitations.

When you Go Direct you can become the big fish in months not years, you can promote the hot new product with immediate distribution. You can secure regular monthly product users and you can control your business' future, destiny and rate of growth without being at the mercy of the retail establishments.
Your Go Direct Team of Experts

With decades of experience in nutritional supplement marketing, your team of leading experts can and will transform your business by showing you the path to greater profits and the power of building a direct relationship with your customer. Your Team of Experts include:

America’s leading copywriter who has written more successful marketing materials and advertisements for Nutritional Supplements than anyone in the business.
The world’s largest media buying firm for nutritional supplement companies with expertise in all facets of Direct Response Marketing and an intuitive understanding of marketing and the products that work best in each media.
The industry’s leading marketing consulting firm representing nutritional supplement companies from early stage start ups to multi-national publicly traded companies. A strategist with global experience and a unique capability to not only problem solve but to launch and build product lines within any organization structure.
The industry’s leading call center known for their exclusive inbound expertise for nutritional supplement companies that can convert inquiries into sales from TV, radio, print, direct mail or the internet.
The leading law firm and top attorney in the nutritional supplement category with expertise in FTC, FDA and all current proposed legislation pertaining to the sale and advertising of supplement products.
The leading full service printer who stays ahead of the curve, bringing you the latest in innovative and cost-effective print formats to use for various marketing purposes, specializing in the needs of nutritional supplement marketers.
A cutting edge order fulfillment center delivering the complete fulfillment solution for nutritional supplement companies with core expertise in customer service, warehousing, data processing and product shipment.

Revolutionize Your Business

Direct Response Marketing is the fastest way to take your business to the sales level and growth level that you want to reach.  It’s also the fastest way to get your product and information into the hands of the people that need them the most, right at the time that they are looking to buy them.   Direct Response Marketing is an established and proven business model for supplement companies.  As the experts in nutritional supplement Direct Response Marketing, we can show you step by step how to successfully use this process to revolutionize your business.

Unlike traditional brand advertising and brand marketing (the shotgun approach), Direct Response Marketing (the marksman approach) allows you to really target the right individual who already uses or is likely to use nutritional supplements. When you Go Direct you build a relationship directly with your desired customer, the
user of nutritional supplement products.

Benefits of Going Direct

There are many benefits in building and establishing this direct relationship. The most important benefit is the potential of increased profits and explosive sales growth. Knowing your customer is one thing, but communicating with them directly in a Direct Relationship will open up a whole new world of profitability and opportunity for your company to grow.

Direct Response Marketing gives you the tools to spend a dollar in marketing and to realize a return on that investment or spend, but more importantly, Direct Response Marketing gives you a predictable and reliable means for growing your business without limitations or bounds.

When you Go Direct you benefit by owning, directing and controlling the customer relationship.

You won’t have to rely solely on store traffic and shopping patterns or behaviors to determine your sales revenues and rate of growth. You won’t be limited to the space on a label or your shelf position and limited presence to convey or tell the consumer why your nutritional supplement is the one they should try or should be using.

You will have unlimited space to tell your product story and differentiate yourself and your product from all the others out there.

The Go Direct experts are the Industry leaders in every facet of Direct Response Marketing.

You get to control what the consumer and ultimately the customer knows about you and your product. You get to control your growth rate and return on your investment. You get to control who you market to and which products to promote
based on real demand and buyer interest.

Let us show you how to build relationships and turn your customer’s motivation and desire into increased profits for your company.

Here's What Some of Our Clients Have to Say (results ARE typical)

“I didn’t think it could be done on such a limited budget. Thank you for helping turn my ideas into multi-million dollar blockbusters!”
-Graham G., CCN, Inc.

“Working in partnership with this team, we’ve tripled our direct mail business in three years”
-Tracy, K., Nutri-Health Supplements

“You couldn’t ask for a better team of experts to handle your marketing campaign!”
-David R., Lipogen USA

“My Supplement Company is Bigger than ever thanks to Your Team!!”
-Nathan H.,  Juvenon

"This expert team gives me a great return on my investment and a direct relationship with my customer"
-Rick P.,  Biocentric Health



Macromark, Inc. is the leading direct marketing media buyer in the health information and nutritional supplement industry. Macromark represents more than 100 clients and over 3,000 different products in this fast growing market. Macromark’s experienced team can help you chart a course for success from starting out to rolling out. David Klein personally has taken “kitchen table” start up clients and helped turn them into multi-million dollar organizations.  Macromark is a member of the DMA, NPA and ERA.

David Klein, CEO/President

Deeba Jafri has spent the last 24 years perfecting her craft and today, is considered “the most respected direct mail strategist in the industry”. Her specialty is in the science of selling supplements by mail and she has worked with some of the biggest (and most profitable) names in the business. “It’s all in the details” says Deeba. “You have to pay close attention to the mailing lists, keep costs in check, analyze results and be able to position your products so they will sell, even in a crowded market”. Her long list of successes proves she’s right.

Deeba Jafri, President

The Steve Wexler Creative Group is one of the most famous names in direct response advertising, copywriting and design. Propelled by Steve’s own powerful and persuasive brand of copywriting, The Steve Wexler Creative Group (SWCG) generates millions of dollars for companies worldwide. Steve and his “control beating” team of 11 writers and designers are experts in virtually every facet of DM advertising, thus making SWCG one of the most successful copy and design teams in the industry.

Steve Wexler, CEO

Great Falls Marketing is the leading inbound call center for nutritional
supplements because of their complete specialization in this market. Our goal is to consistently provide the best sales performance in the direct response industry. We believe that achieving this goal requires singular focus. At Great Falls Marketing we specialize in selling: we focus every day on achieving high close rates, high ticket prices, optimal continuity and cross-sell conversion and incremental revenue through non-buyer conversion and customer retention tactics. Furthermore, we only work with a limited number of clients at any given time. We believe that excellence requires intimate client knowledge at all levels of the organization.

Scott MacCheyne, President
1-800-221-8895 X3472
Since 1979, JJS&A Inc. has been the industry leader in direct mail print production and mailing services. Thirty years of experience and long-standing relationships, allows JJS&A to offer their clients unbeatable pricing, service, print options and delivery you won't find anywhere else. Whether it's a small test-mailing you are planning on, or a multimillion piece rollout, JJS&A can handle it for you. Plus JJS&A offers remarkable flexibility. No matter what you are looking to print: selfmailers, postcards, envelope packages, catalogs, magalogs or magazines, JJS&A is committed to giving you the very best. Customer satisfaction is Priority One and JJS&A will prove that with every job they produce.

Mitchell Shotz, President
215-953-9939 x214
Todd Harrison focuses his practice on helping direct marketers stay on track with compliance issues from the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Todd works extensively in the areas of food and dietary supplement safety, labeling and advertising claims. He has a successful track record of defending against U.S. FTC advertising complaints, enforcement actions and
prosecutions, and defending against competitor challenges in court and other forums. His client list includes many of the leading direct mail nutritional supplement companies in the U.S, and his guidance and counsel are invaluable in helping clients succeed within the boundaries set by law and regulation.

Todd Harrison, Partner
For over 15 years, Threesource Fulfillment has been one of the leading full service fulfillment providers in the direct response industry, with specialized focus in the natural supplement markets. Whether it is our central location, cutting edge technology, “hands-on” management commitment to excellence, in-house customer service call center, or our volume shipping discounts, Threesource strives to provide unparalleled service to our clients. We ship B2B and B2C, with experience working with Internet retailers, catalogue retailers, direct mailers, “big box” retailers, and “mom & pop” shops. Whether it is the traditional pick and pack operation; choosing the least expensive shipping solution; product returns processing; or customer service, Threesource maintains a philosophy of installing flexibility and responsiveness as operational priorities throughout our organization, resulting in more profitable campaigns for our clients.

Marty Bothwell, President